Learn the Nature in English

In this lesson some words are shown that are related to the Nature and also to the Weather.

In the Tables you can learn how they are written in English and the figurative pronunciation.

Clicking on on the words you can hear how they are pronounced.

Words related to the Nature

AguaWater/ uo:ta* /
AireAir/ e:* /
AnimalesAnimals/ ánimals /
ÁrbolTree/ tri: /
Aves de corralPoultry/ póltri /
BasuraGarbage/ gárbich /
BosqueForest/ fóres /
CabañaShed/ shed /
CaminoWay/ uei /
CarreteraRoad/ roud /
CieloSky/ skai /
ColinaHill/ hi:l /
EdificioBuilding/ bíldin /
FlorFlower/ flaue* /
Listen all the words

FuegoFire/ fair /
HojaLeaf/ li:f /
HumoSmoke/ smouk /
La TierraThe Earth/ di e:* /
LagoLake/ leik /
MarSea/ si: /
MontañaMountain/ máuntein /
OcéanoOcean/ ósian /
PaísCountry/ kántri /
PuenteBridge/ brich /
RamaBranch/ branch /
ReciclajeRecycling/ resaíclin /
RíoRiver/ ríva* /
VolcánVolcano/ volkéinou /
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Below are some words related to the Atmospheric Weather that are used frequently.

Look closely at how they are written, and remember that by clicking on the words you can listen to how they are pronounced.

Words related to the Weather

AnticiclónAnticyclone/ ántisiclon /
BorrascaStorm/ esto*m /
CalorHeat/ ji:t /
ChubascoHeavy shower/ jevi sáue* /
CiclónCyclone/ ciclon /
DespejadoSky Clear/ skái clia* /
El TiempoThe Weather/ deuede* /
FríoCold/ co:l /
GranizoHail/ heil /
HumedadHumidity/ iumíditi /
HuracánHurricane/ ja*ican /
LluviaRain/ rein /
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LluviosoRainy/ reini /
NieblaFog/ fog /
NieveSnow/ snou /
NubeCloud/ cláud /
NubladoCloudy/ cláudi /
RelámpagoLightning/ laiznin /
SoleadoSunny/ sani /
TormentaThunderstorm/ zándesto:m /
TornadoTornado/ torneido /
TruenoThunder/ zánde* /
VendavalStrong wind/ estronuind /
VentosoWindy/ uindi /
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