Learn Mathematics

The Greeks were the great teachers of the Mathematics and with many and important discover that did they elevated it to the category of Science.

The Mathematics are made up of two main branches, the Analysis and Geometry and within the Analysis is the Arithmetic, that is what we will learn, at the moment, in this site.

The Arithmetic studies the numbers and the operations that we do with them.
In these pages will be to simple games and brief lessons in which the main arithmetical operations will be taught, to learn to add, to subtract, to multiply and to divide with integral numbers and with fractions.

  • Numbers ⇒ We will practice writing numbers..
  • Roman numerals ⇒ We will practice with the numbers that the Romans used.
  • Add ⇒ We will learn the first fundamental operation of the Arithmetic.
  • Subtract ⇒ We will learn another one of the fundamental operations of the Arithmetic.
  • Multiply ⇒ We will review the tables and will learn to multiply.
  • Divide ⇒ We will learn the last one of the fundamental operations of the Arithmetic.
  • Fractions ⇒ We will learn to write fractions and to operate with them.